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In Yoko Dissociate on April 14, 2009 at 7:12 pm


There’s only a handful of things everyone here enjoys, like not blogging on time, internet piracy and comic books.

So when X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked online a couple weeks ago it was SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS. There’s some sort of unspoken agreement not to review the movie in the blogosphere. Or there was anyway. ‘Parently, bloggers who’s entire mojo is built around stealing media from half the internet and showing it to the other half, draws the line at movie piracy. Whatthefuckev.

This isn’t a review of the picture, which may or may not have been entertaining but kinda pointless.

5 Reasons You Should Download The Workprint Whether You Were Ever Going to Pay To See It Or Not

1)Workprint are fun. You forget the picture isn’t finished for a while then the falling hero lands in a padded green-screen movie set. And that rox!

2)a FOX News blogger got canned for reviewing this workprint so I’m doing this at great professional risk

3)FOX took one look at the workprint and set it back for million$ worth of changes. Consider it a behind the scenes look at the movie bizz.

4)You don’t want to wait till May anyway.

5)I know the poster says “April 29th” but it also says “cinemas” because its foriegn

Happy viewing!

by Yoko Dissociate