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Google: “Gay Stephen Colbert”

In Yoko Dissociate on April 18, 2009 at 8:32 pm


For years its been apparent to me, and I thought EVERYONE, that Stephen Colbert (Colb[air] the character, not Colb[ert] the actor/comedian) is as gay as a Republican Congressman. The veil is so thin. That closet door is made of stunt glass.


Stephen ColberT, the actor, is presumably hetero, and married to the HILARIOUSLY named Evelyn McGee-Colbert. For real. Stephen Colbert, the fictionalized anchor of The Colbert Report, makes at least one straight-faced gay joke a night, almost always aimed at himself.

And, I’m dying to write about it, but its pretty much can’t-to-do since I seem to be the only person on teh internets to notice!  That means there’s no array of video clips on Youtube, and no previous press to get me started (notice the lack of both content and hyperlinks so far).

As usual, we’ve got another case of America seeing only what it wants to see, so the frat-tastic twenty-somethings that make up the show’s audience can watch and laugh and pat themselves on the butt for making fun of queers too. Hurray.

Unfortunately, I utterly FAIL at video editing, so combing through past Colbert Reports myself for proof myself is a non-option.

All I can do is put the thought into your heads, because Now that you know, you can’t… um… un-know.


* You can help Yoko out by submitting real evidence to yokojeru@gmail.com.

The Chief

UPDATE: How did we find anything before teh internets? Some kind soul donated the following video from the 2007 GLAAD Awards.

Uploaded by MsInterpreted
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