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MIZZOU’s Queer Issues

In Don Dissociate on April 14, 2009 at 1:00 am

From The Maneater:

“A Missouri Students Association referendum to include “gender identity and expression” into the organization’s non-discrimination clause passed Wednesday with 82 percent of the vote.”

Yoko thinks this is terrible. She swears if transsexuals “go all mainstream” she’ll go back to being a boy. Nobody wants that.

I voted for the referendum, of course, marking April 6th as the first time I voted for anything related to student government in my long, long academic career, and it’s kind of interesting to know that 2,297 others agreed with me enough to do the same. Although, now I walk through the crowds on campus pre-occupied with who they were (that guy… that girl… not that guy).

But, mostly I wanted to revisit the wording of it on the ballot. Admittedly, I have no idea of the structure or responsibilities of MSA, but isn’t

there someone responsible for ensuring that the wording of referendums are as unbiased as possible? The actual words on the ballot were as follows:

Do you support adding “gender identity and expression” into Article XII (the Statement of Non-Discrimination) of the Missouri Students Association’s constitution in order to protect gender non-conforming students from facing discrimination and to support the larger effort to offer equal opportunity to all students?

Given the language of the question, a vote of “No.” directly implies that you are actually in favor of discrimmination! It simply articulates the “pro” side of the argument without, I feel, really addressing anything as substantive from the views of the opposition.It’s ironic, because to be frank the opposition did as much or more to ensure this vote passed. Marcus Bowen’s article ignorantly blasting the idea was the first expousure a lot of people I know ever had of it. He gave a real, punchable face to precisely the problem he refused to even acknowledge. He deserves our thanks, just not sincerely:

Marcus Bowen's very punchable face

So, who are the 483 pricks who voted “No.”?

– Don Dissociate


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