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Gay Iraq and the Homophobic Feminist

In Uncategorized on April 9, 2009 at 7:04 pm

I made the mistake of reading the news today, because, you never know this month, Texas could have been celebrating its first gay wedding (since the marriage of tight jeans and cowboy boots). Instead, I took a trip half around the world to see the other side of things.

Queer Iraqis dropping like flies. 25 dead men and boys in Sadr City.

Now we all know there are no queers in Iran, but if the U.S. were to irrationally invade them promising a nation of liberty, I imagine we’d see a few pop up here and there. That’s what Americans do. Spread our ideology and turn the world gay. Ironically, this time its a republican’s fault.*

Strangely, the first place my mind went having read this was to a white, American woman I spoke with at a bar a few weeks ago. She and I bonded over schooling some drunk chauvinist on the finer points of feminism until I made the thoughtless mistake of going on a tangent about a related queer issue.

“Oh, I’m not really about that stuff,” she said. She was a feminist, but also “sort of a Christian, or whatever,” so all that gay “stuff” had to stay off-limits.

For fuck’s sake! Queer issues ARE Feminist issues!

Domination, subjugation, the patriarchy and all that whack noise is all about control – controlling your gender to define what you can and cannot be.

In fact, I’ll take it a step further:

The strength of a patriarchy lies not in how it controls its women. It’s not the clothes women are permitted to wear, or barely legal bodies sold on billboards. It’s not what women are allowed to say or coerced into thinking. The true strength of a patriarchy lies not in the subjugation of women at all. Subjugation is a goal, and the most visible part of the bigger picture. For a patriarchy to gain footing, to endure through the ages, through progressivism and liberalism and dirty-guilty looks from newly less-oppressive societies, the patriarchy counts on the cooperation of its men. Obvious really. Patriarchy is maintained by strict control by men over men.

In Iraq today we see that control taking front stage: families murdering their own with the blessing of their religious personalities; death squads and apathetic police. For what? A form of justice that makes hacking off the arms of apple thieves seem civil by comparison. Because manhood is everything. When you see this sort of violence you aren’t witnessing personal intolerance, but an ignorant, calamitous defense of a dogma that is millennia deep and global in scope.

Vermont legalized gay marriage a couple days ago. Iowa did so last week. It would be nice to think that my country is above all this. But in 2007 (the most recent available FBI data) there were 1265 hate crimes committed in the U.S. on the basis of sexual orientation.

So, feminists, you fucking wonderful faith-inspiring, commie-loving, goddess-damned brothers and sister O’ mine… the next time you choose not to care about queer issues, take a second to think about whom you’re throwing in your hats with.

– Don Dissociate


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